Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Literacy blog post

 Hey guys. This blog post for today is about literacy. For my literacy blog post I am going to talk about my essay that I did for my report and I will show you my essay. 

For writing #1 I did an essay about the cheetah and jaguars. This essay that I did was a compare and contrast essay. A compare and contrast essay is you have to compare to animals or anything that you want to compare. Here is the layout. This layout is going to be for an animal. INTRODUCTION SIMILARITIES DIFFERENCES your animal DIFFERENCES your next animal CONCLUSION. Here is my writing.

Both the Cheetah and Jaguar have some similarities and some unique differences. Both animals on the outside are very different but research shows they are more similar than most people  assume.


The Cheetah and Jaguar both belong to the family of big cats. The group of animals in the family of big cats are Cheetahs, Jaguars, Leopards, Lions, Puma, Cougar, Panther, Mountain lion, Snow leopard and Tiger. The animals in the family of big cats don’t all look the same. Some have patterns and some have just one color all over their body.

Both the Cheetah and Jaguar are Carnivores. Jaguars in the wild eat mostly every animal they lay their eyes on. Cheetahs on the other hand are a little bit more fussy They only eat these animals, Gazelles, Wildebeest, Impalas, Hares, Antelopes and Warthogs.

The Cheetah and Jaguar are both mammals. They both give birth to Live young and feed them milk till they are old enough to care and feed them self.

Both the Jaguar and Cheetah communicate with sounds and Grunts. Cheetahs and Jaguars are very good at using sounds and grunting to tell other animals to back off or to tell them something important.


The cheetah can turn in mid air at speeds up to 120 k per hour in just 3 seconds. The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world. They can reach speeds up to 113 k per hour. Cheetahs are faster than usain bolt. Usain bolt can reach speeds up to 27.44 per second. The cheetah can reach speeds up to 113 k per hour. When they hunt they have to increase their speeds but then they have to decrease their speeds when they're closer to their prey so they don’t scare off they're prey. Cheetahs can accelerate from 0 to 100km per hour. As you can see cheetahs are very fast.

Cheetahs communicate with growling and purring. Cheetahs purr like a cat. That would be because cheetahs and cat’s are related in a way. Growling is like purring except it’s more aggressive.

Jaguars communicate by roaring unlike cheetahs. Jaguars and cheetahs do communicate with sounds and grunts but both of them have at least one different way to communicate. The Jaguars extra way to communicate is by having different tones in they're growling.

Jaguars are the longest animal in the americans. They can grow from 63 to 77 cm in length. You may think that this makes Jaguars fast but in actual fact they're not slow and not as fast as cheetahs.


Although they are similar they can be very different but you never know until you research.

Hope you enjoyed. See you next time!!!

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