Thursday, March 17, 2016

Lake Taupo

                                    Lake Taupo
Have you ever been to lake Taupo or Taupo itself?
 FACT: Taupo was a volcano but blew its top off. That's why Taupo is so deep. Some people say that people in China could hear the big eruption. I  have been to Lake Taupo and it is AWESOME!!! You can swim in
the clear water. 
FACT: Lake Taupo's water is fresh water not salt water.
If you bring a boat you could go wild on the lake. When I went with  my uncle we went to a  carving in a cliff actually in the side of the cliff.
FACT:The carving was actually hand carved and one of the All Black's holiday house is on the top of the cliff. Here's some photos of me and my dad swimming with my step cousin and her dad.It was so cold that Lilly's lips went bright blue. 

 Me and my cousin on a floating a bouncy dinghy.
Us about to jump of the dinghy.
 Us swimming back to shore.
Me and Lilly (Lilly is my step cousin.)swimming towards the boat.
Us climbing up the ladder to get on to the boat so we can get warm.

I hope you enjoyed my post this week.See you next time.