Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Technology project (Save, Fun & Lost)

Welcome back to my blog, week 11! This week I am going to blog about my Technology project.A Technology project is when a teacher might look at their students learning and if they have forgotten what they might of learnt in the last lesson the technology project is the one for your class. It engages their minds in their learning so they wont forget so much so quickly so you might think of it as learning more. It also means you have to design something that might help or stop the pests from killing the things your trying to do. In our class our technology project is about the bush. We have some different categories that you can choose from. There is Lost, Fun and Save. Lost is if you got lost in the bush what would you do or make to survive, Fun is if you had to stay in the bush what could you do to have fun or how to make entertainment, Save is you've got to come up with something to SAVE the NATIVE bush and to SAVE the NATIVE NZ animals and DESIGN  something to help the animals, bush and to stop the pests .I'm doing SAVE because I love helping and saving things and animals that need saving.We had to come up with questions about the subject.This week we have to come up with a design for your subject.This is my design for Save.

Monday, April 11, 2016


This week I am going to be blogging about my iPROUD.iPROUD is a doc you've got to fill out about your learning.
How you do the iPROUD.
You choose one of your learning tasks that's green on the tracking sheet, then you copy and paste your task onto your iPROUD. Then you write what your biggest challenge was and what you are proud of.This is my iPROUD.

My Best Learning

This is my Camp letter


Mrs A Townsend
502 Poplar Place

Dear Angela  

I loved it when we turned the radio up super loud. I remember when we had the windows down,  the radio was quite loud and, Tylah S and Amie fell asleep in the very back seat, Taylah M and I giggled quietly so we wouldn’t wake them up .It was funny when Eva kept calling you Mum instead of calling you Angela.Thank you for dropping us off and picking us up.

Whenever I hop in a car with people as crazy as me it makes me feel like I’m at home because my house is crazy, so it's really nice for me to feel at home.It was really fun at camp I wish you were there.I’m sure you would of all of the activity's and the cozy warm nights in your sleeping bag.

My favorite part of camp was the river walk because it was challenging. My favorite part of the road trip is when Eva kept calling you mum instead of calling you Angela.Thank you again for dropping us off and picking us up.

Yours sincerely


I am proud of this because I didn’t know what to write because she only drives she didn’t stay for the night or for any activities.

My biggest challenge was the spelling, placement of words and vocabulary.

I hoped you liked my blog post.