Thursday, May 26, 2016

My biggest learning challenge

My biggest learning challenge is the word placing of the description above the photo.I find it tricky because it's hard to think of where to write down things so it makes sense.For example my writing task Tall Tale. With my writing task I found it hard to write down what I was thinking in a way that it made sense but I found it easy to talk about it. Another example is my reading task "Survivors of the frozen North." I found it hard because I didn't know how to word it because it had to have a Start, Middle and End. I had a lot of challenge's but I did them all. Every task I did had a challenge but I completed all of them. I know that challenges are an important part of learning. Here is my Writing task.

After school I went home, my mum was in her bedroom I think she was having a rest after a big day at EIT with my Sister Sammy.I felt hungry, then I remembered that I hadn't had afternoon tea, so I went to the pantry BUT THERE WAS NO FOOD!!!
“MUM” I yelled.She came rushing to the pantry and said “What’s going on””There's no food” I said.So my mum went to the super market and came home with two big bulging Bags full of...FOOD but My Mum wasn’t my mum any more well at least she didn’t look like my mum.SHE WAS AN ...  ALIEN.Oh no I looked in the bulging bags and in my site I saw A cereal box, at least the food was alright.So I opend the box careles of what was happening around me But when I opend the box I was so suprised because inside the box was little baby ALIENS. I looked back at my mum and blinked, I looked back at the cereal box and blinked hoping that if I blinked everything would go back to normal.

I looked at my mum, I noticed that there was a microchip in the middle of the my ALIEN mummy.I had an idea.”Maybe if I snapped the microchip in half everything would go back to normal” so there I went into the middle of my mum and snatched the microchip.I was so disgusted that I snapped it in half inside my mum.Suddenly the world started turning faster and faster I almost fell over but I was stopped by gooey slime.We bwhere sent to a two diementchnal world.It was horibal, firstly I was stuck in my mum and my mumnis still a ALIEN, secondly the worlds two diementchnal.Could this day get any worse.I had to find a way out of this crazy world But how?”I know how” said a voice.”Who's there, I know karate” I said.Something was emerging from the distance.There was a dark shadow.Finally what ever was that voice got close to me.It looked like a MUM!!!!!!!!!!! I was so surprised to see my mum “so that alien wasn’t you”I said “Oh that alien was what took over me and you can make this whole thing go away” She said “Really I can” I said “oh yes and the perfect place to start is the… LIBRARY” “The library” I said “yes there is a book with a spell it’s called the SPOGE POGE spell” “SPOGE POGE SPELL alright” I said “Good of you then”She said So there I went of to the library and there the book was Spellbook.I turned every page but on the last page was that SPOGE POGE spell.There was a wand there as well so I picked up the wand at said the spell.”SPOGE POGE TAKE THIS ALIEN AWAY TO THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN AND TO THE LOWEST PIPE KILL THIS MONsTER FOR GOOD” Woosh I looked around I saw my sister puzzled well doing a puzzle.”YAY everything was back to normal.The food was alright, my mum was all right and best of all where not two diementchnal.

Here is my reading task.

This is my book mark for Survivors of the frozen North. I wasn't quite sure if you had to write question starters or a whole question so I did a whole question.I did six questions I did two questions for each part, Start, Middle and end.
  1. Why are they survivors?
  2. Where in the frozen north are they?

  1. Why were the cubs play fighting?
  2. Does the mum get angry?

  1. Why are the cubs alone?
  2. Why are the cubs bad at catching food?

Here is a picture of the book mark.


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My favorite learning in Rimu hub

Today I'm going to be writing about my best learning that's green on the tracking sheet.My favorite learning is my writing task, How do you get to school? My favorite bit about is the third paragraph and the second reason. The reason why it's my favorite bit is because it was very challenging because I had big trouble with the word placing. I am very proud of my writing task because I was learning a new genre- Argument. I learnt that a Argument is when you find a topic on anything in the whole world and you also have to stay on your side of the argument. I chose a topic on how you get to school, if you go by car and how that is bad. Here is a my writing.

How do you get to school? Most people get to school by car, some get to school by bike, scooter and skateboard.I’m making a statement today about the best way to get to school without hurting the environment. Can you figure out what is the worst way to get to school? The car is the worst because it hurts the environment. Do you want that to happen?

I think it's important to get to school on time but I also think that you should keep the environment healthy and beautiful.I always try to get this reason out Because it is very important.

The next reason is that biking and using your muscles  is also good for you as well as the environment.For example Scootering, Skateboard and Roller blades

The reason why cars are bad for the environment is that they have exhaust pipes.Exhaust pipes are really bad is because they push out fumes.Fumes are really bad because they are a type of bad gas like methane.That's why cars are so bad for the environment.   

You should really talk to your family, if they want get on board I assure you that once you get started you will see a big difference in the environment and your be happier because you have had some fresh air and you'll feel much fitter.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and maybe you could have a go at argument