Monday, July 31, 2017

Job offer in America

Hello and welcome back to my blog, I hope you had a great holiday!  Today I will be blogging about my sister going to America for a job offer. Hope you enjoy!

One day my eldest sister Hannah rung my mum and said she had a great job offer. They talked for hours but then Hannah told mum that it was in America. My mum froze. They carried on talking and finally mum said okay. Hannah lived in Christchurch before she went to America for a year, so mum already missed her a lot. A few weeks before she had to go to America, Hannah came back from Christchurch to Hastings and all the family came too. We had a HUGE dinner and lots of fun. I had all my cousins over that still lived all around New Zealand. My mum will go down to Christchurch 2 nights before Hannah flies out to America. Hannah is going to America because she got a job offer to work at Broad Moor (in Colorado). Here are some photos of where she is going to be working.

Front of the Broad Moor resort (bigger then a mansion)     
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(over view of Broad Moor resort)
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My experience on Camp Kaitawa

Hi guys today i'm blogging about my favorite days at camp Kiatawa. Hope you enjoy!


On Monday, all the year 5 & 6 came to school in mufti with a schoolbag and some type of luggage. We had to  put all of our stuff except our school bag (Which we had to stick on our backs) on the ground. After the bell rang, we hopped in the vans and cars. In my van I had: Erin, Henry, Declan, Sam, Jack Craft, Harman, Rebecca, Caitlin, Jasmine E, Adelle ( one of the drivers), Mike (The other driver) and me. 

Finally after the parents stopped talking and laughing we started going. The drive was kind of boring but once we kept talking it was fine. At one point, it went down hill, I felt a little bit sick and then vomited all over the van. We had to wait to pull over in a safe place. Once we had pulled over, Mike (The van driver) left the hazards lights on because it was still a bit of a dangerous place to stop. Once Adelle and Mike cleaned me up, we all loaded back in the van and got ready to drive of, the engine tried to start but it failed. WE HAD A DEAD BATTERY!!!!

We all had to get out of the van again and tried to see if a car could jump start us, but there wasn't any luck for a while. Finally somebody pulled over. There was two camper vans, the first one didn't have a jumper cord but the second one did. Fortunately, the second camper van did have a jumper cord but when we tried to start it up it didn't work. The camper van backed up and we all tried to get someone else to pull over and then jump start us. We finally managed to get started again, so we said thank you to the cars who helped us and we set off for Wairoa

We finally made it to Wairoa and stopped for a toilet break and a little bit of lunch. We set off again and after about 20 minutes we finally made it to Camp Kaitawa. We then had some more food and had a little bit of a play. After that, we got ready to do kayaking on Lake Wherowhero. It was so much fun and I wanted to do it again. After we had heaps of fun kayaking it was time to do some night activities and settling down in our PJ's. After about an hour we had dinner. For dinner we had bacon and pasta with broccoli. After we had dinner, we had to go to bed because we had a big day tomorrow. Here's a picture of me on Monday night:


On Tuesday some of us got up a little earlier than the other children because it was very cold in the mornings and it was hard to get to sleep again. We had to go into the dinning room for a Milo and some silent games while we waited for the rest of us to wake up. Once everybody woke up we could finally have breakfast and a drink. After we had our breakfast we then had to get dressed and sit on the dining room floor. I think we did our duties after we got changed and had our breakfast.

After  doing our duties we got ready to the confidence coarse. The confidence coarse is when there is a lot of obstacles and you need to complete them all. The first obstacle was a wooden tube that you had to bunny hop over and then there were some stepping stones that you had to jump over. The next obstacle was a wooden log bridge that you had to climb over. Once you had finished that bit you are just about at the end but then you had to go on the wobbling log, that was a big thick long log that wobbles, and you have to balance and get across. After you do that, there is a cargo net that you climb over, but there's a twist, you had to flip over once you get to the top. After you went over it you had to go round the corner.
Around the corner is a wire bridge you have to go across, that one wasn't as tricky as some of the others. Once you got to the end of the wire bridge you were at the end but you had to run back to the start and you would then get put into groups of 6, 7 and 8. You had to do the whole thing again in your group except you have to hold a rope at all times.

After that we went back to our cabins and got dressed to go to a freezing cold lake called Waikareiti. Just before we left Miss Hill said that "if you're stupid you could put your togs and towel in your day bag".  I was stupid enough to put my togs and towels in my day bag. So when we got to Lake Waikareiti we got changed into our togs and we went in. It was so cold, but most of us kept going further in. After a while we got told that if we did the stupid challenge we would get a chocolate bar at the end of the day. (The stupid challenge is when you had to put your shoulders under the freezing cold water for 40 seconds.)

That's all for today. Thanks for reading.