Monday, July 31, 2017

Job offer in America

Hello and welcome back to my blog, I hope you had a great holiday!  Today I will be blogging about my sister going to America for a job offer. Hope you enjoy!

One day my eldest sister Hannah rung my mum and said she had a great job offer. They talked for hours but then Hannah told mum that it was in America. My mum froze. They carried on talking and finally mum said okay. Hannah lived in Christchurch before she went to America for a year, so mum already missed her a lot. A few weeks before she had to go to America, Hannah came back from Christchurch to Hastings and all the family came too. We had a HUGE dinner and lots of fun. I had all my cousins over that still lived all around New Zealand. My mum will go down to Christchurch 2 nights before Hannah flies out to America. Hannah is going to America because she got a job offer to work at Broad Moor (in Colorado). Here are some photos of where she is going to be working.

Front of the Broad Moor resort (bigger then a mansion)     
Related image

(over view of Broad Moor resort)
Related image

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