Friday, September 16, 2016

Calender art

This is my calendar art for 2016. It's a hedgehog.

This is such an AWESOME piece of art. If you buy it you will love it even more than you did!


  1. Well done Jessica Amazing job with the art you really made me want to buy your art
    Also well done with your persuading I want one of your pecies of Art NOW!!!!
    Well done kepp up the great work ;D

  2. Well done Jessica, the spikes look really efective. Keep up the great work.

  3. I really liked that background for the hedgehog and I really want to buy it!I would probably by two diaries,five calendar's,ten card's,three notepad's and four mouse pad's. You're art is very inspiring and convincing.I'm sure truckload's of people will want to by it!

  4. That is such good art Jessica!It look's really creative and it also look's like you put in a lot of effort into your art!If I was going to buy your art,I would get five calendar's, three card's, two mouse pad's,three diaries and one notepad.I'm sure lot's of other people will want to buy it.If I add all cost's together I'm sure the thing's will cost at least $140.I mean,for someone like me,it doesn't sound like me but my parent's say it would cost a fortune!(Even though I don't understand that).So,keep up that amazing,awesome work.

  5. Well done Jessica! That is a great piece of art. It definitely looks like a piece I would buy!